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What's New

February 9, 2009

My first book, A Young Dancer: The Life of an Ailey Student, will be released March 31, 2009. Find out more about it here: About A Young Dancer


October 2, 2005

A Random Photo Browser has been added to the site.

It will give you a new random selection of images from all areas of the site every time visit the page or click on one of the thumbnails.


September 7, 2005

Yewande has asked me to take down her photos, as they do no reflect the way she looks now, so I've removed them from the site.

While this is not a "publicity site" per se, it is important to me that the artists feel comfortable with the way they are portrayed here. Hopefully I'll get a chance to shoot some newer photos of her, next time she is in New York.


August 19, 2005

Something very new (to this site) MUSIC!

For the past few months I have been making audio recordings various performers as part of my overall documentation of the music community.

One of those artists - Carol Thomas - asked me to post her music here.

Thank you Carol. Enjoy.


March 8, 2005

Sorry it took me so long Rhian!

New Artist:
Rhian Ayanna


March 5, 2005

A visible change: a smaller logo at the top (actually this has been in place for about a month), and...

An invisible change: I finally updated the backend database system that generates the pages for this site and keeps track of which artists belong to what photo. This should make it easier to get new images on to the site. What used to take two hours or more now takes about 15 minutes. :-)

New Artist:
Malene Younglao


November 11, 2004

A small change - if you look at the BRC Weekly Calendar, it is now sorted by artist and by venue as well as by date, which will hopefully make it easier to find what interests you.


October 24, 2004 (much later)

Two updates in one day! Upside of digital camera - much faster & less expensive workflow. Downside - lower off-line image quality. So here are...

New Artist:
Graph Nobel

New Images Added To:
Shelley Nicole's Blakbüshe


October 24, 2004 (in the wee small hours of the morning)

The BRC Weekly Calendar is here!!!

People often ask, "How do I find out about shows?"

A good to place to start is the Black Rock Coalition (BRC) "This Week In Black Rock", an international listing of shows and events.

It's an important source of information that I use all the time, and now I can share it with you! Thank you Laronda Davis and Darrell McNeill of the Black Rock Coalition for permitting me to post this valuable resource.

You can find the calendar here.

If you want to be listed in the calendar, please contact the BRC.

New Artists: (from the Brooklyn New Music Festival)
Audio Dyslexia
Game Rebellion
Shrine for the Black Madonna

New Images Added To: (also from the Brooklyn New Music Festival)


September 13, 2004

The Anti-Republicans Protests photos are now in their own section.


September 1, 2004

The Republicans are in New York City and thousands are protesting. I will post images to the home page as often as I can will eventually put them in their own section. The first image is of the NYPD in action against protesters.


January 1, 2004

A new artist to start the new year!

New Artists:


April 7, 2003

It's been a little bit, hasn't it? Well, just a small update for now.

New Artists:
Soul Symphony

New Images Added To:


February 19, 2003

New Artists:
Gil Scott-Heron
John Margolis
Kim Loren

New Images Added To:
Myim Rose
Sophia Ramos


February 2, 2003

I can't believe its taken me this long to put up new images!!

New Artists:
Billy Populous
Toni Blackman

New Images Added To:
Abby Dobson
Jolie Fuego
Martha Redbone
Maya Azucena
Me'shell Ndegéocello
Mothers Favorite Child
Off Stage


December 21, 2002

Thanks to a helpful viewer, I've been able to identify Melvin Gibbs, a bass player with Harriet Tubman. I've added a section for him. Thanks Naggie.


December 14, 2002

An update I forgot to mention:

New Images Added To:
  Shelley Nicole


December 8, 2002

A number of small updates

New Images Added To:
Jeni Fujita
Martha Redbone
Off Stage
One and Twenty
Otis Funkmeyer
Unidentified Artists


December 1, 2002

I'm on a roll!!!

After taking far too long, I haved added Denise De La Cruz to the site. Thanks for being patient, Denise.


November 30, 2002

New Artist!

I've added an artist to the site, Sophia Ramos, and put one of her photos on the first page.


November 30, 2002

An important (to me at least) new section.

It have uploaded my photographs from the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.

The hardest part of putting these of up was remembering - the fear, the pain, the destruction and the knowledge that so little has changed.


November 10, 2002

New Feature!!!

After quite a bit of work, I've added an Image Search engine to this site.

It slices. It dices. It helps you find the who, what, when, and where. Give it a go and tell me what you think.


November 8, 2002

I've added several images to the 125th Street Protest series.


October 24, 2002

A modest update - 4 new artists.

New Artists:
Maya (Mother Goddess)
Monique Ortiz


October 17, 2002

Small but important update!

At long last, I add Jolie Fuego to the site. Thank you Max and Alice for being os patient - and for gently reminding me to get it in gear!


October 15, 2002

Another Major Update!

I've finally added images from Rhythm Republik - thanks for your patience Kregg. I've also added images from Cipher's show at Spa, which was a show to benefit James Spooner's documentary on black punk rockers.

Also in this update are a series of portraits of David House, owner and head barber of House's Barbershop, a Harlem institution for more than 50 years. Mr. House inherited the shop from his father and closed it this summer afer 18 years of cuttin' heads.

Here's a full list of updates: New Section:
David House, barber

New Artists:
Cody Chesnutt
Otis Funkmeyer
Rhythm Republik
Tara Lynne

New Images Added To:
Lava Baby
Off Stage
One and Twenty


October 2, 2002

I've added images from this year's Mermaid Parade and from Ledisi's recent show at SOB's.

There's also a new cover image on the home page - Jeannie Oliver from Si*Sé.


September 18, 2002

Big Update -- Whoopeee!!!

I've added several new artists and a new sections. Special thanks to the Latin Alternative Music Conference, who produced the Prospect Park show where Ely Guerra, Jumbo and Si*Sé were photographed.

New Section:
125th Street Protest 1994

New Artists:
Chinua Hawk
Ely Guerra

New Images Added To:
Danni Gee
Digg Deep
Jeni Fujita
Jeremy James
Jessica Care Moore
Kendra Ross
LaSonya Gunther
Martha Redbone
Maya Azucena
Mother's Favorite Child
Streets & Alleyways
Tamar Kali


September 18, 2002

There are additional images of Digg Deep in performance at SOB's.


August 21, 2002

There are additional images of Digg Deep in performance at SOB's.


August 21, 2002

New Images!! I've added photos of Digg Deep in the studio and Si*Sé on stage.

Thank you Tanya and Shyndigg for being patient!

Minor changes: I've added links to the clubs and places photos were taken in the captions.


August 11, 2002

One of my photos of Santi White accompanies an August 11 New York Times article on new music, featured in the Sunday Arts Section. Check it out.

Thank you Santi White for using my photo, and Zvi Lowenthal of the Times for publishing it.


August 9, 2002

I've also added a Cover Shots section, where you can see the images that have been on the home page of this site.


August 8, 2002

Photos of Yewande have been added.

I've also added a bunch of new images to the Music Favorites section.


August 6, 2002

Photos of Santi White have been added.

I've added photos to these artist sections:
Abby Dobson
Danni Gee
Lava Baby
Martha Redbone
Off Stage
Queen Aaminah
Shelley Nicole
Tamar Kali

I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes coding and clean up. The site does not (should not?) look any different, but I have a new set of scripts to automate the page generation process. It will hopefully make it easier to add fresh content (and remove the stale stuff)

You may also notice links to the aritsts sites on the contact sheets now - "thank you" to Danni Gee for suggesting that.


July 15, 2002

New Artists added:
Aisha Mike
Corey Glover
Jazmine Sullivan
Melky Sedek
N'dea Davenport

It has taken over a month to get this update together - I apologize. I've been traveling, and that has lsowed me down. I've also realized that I need to write some scripts to automate the update process. As soon as those are finished, you will see frequent updates. until, please bear with me.

And to everyone who needs photos - if you don't get them from me in about 2 weeks, please REMIND ME. I'm old, and my short term memory is shot - I need all the help I can get.


June 6, 2002

I have added 2 photos to Streets and Alleyways.


June 4, 2002

Big Update!!
New Artists added:
Angela Johnnson
Brother Jacques
Carla Gomez
Fertile Ground
Grupo Fiesta
Julie Dexter
Latasha Natasha Diggs
Lisa Gentile
Meshell Ndegeocello
Michael McGlone

I've added photos to these artists:
Alia Marie
Danni Gee
Kendra Ross
One and Twenty
Shawn Banks

There are new pics in the Off Stage section.

The FAQs page has also been updated with information about publication and obtaining prints.


May 24, 2002

Photos of Ledisi have been added.

I've added a What's New section (this page). New things will be added as fast as I flick this mouse!


May 24, 2002

I've added a corrections section. Hey, even the NY Times has them.


May 20, 2002

Photos of LaSonya Gunther have been added.