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These are collections of photographs taken over the past 15 years.

The oldest are from Baltimore, the most recent from New York - Live Soul.

The Live Soul collection is an attempt to document a small slice of the acoustic underground funk/rock/r&b music scene in New York City.

The musicians in the Live Soul photos are all extremely talented, but largely outside the heavy rotation of the commercial music mainstream. They are far from unknown - many have national and international followings.

The music is at once refined and raw - full of unflagging energy and irresistible emotion.

It is in many ways, nothing like what you'd hear on commercial radio, yet it is eminently listenable.

It runs the gamut from the gentle, almost folk sounds of Jeremy James, to the neo-soul sounds of Alexis and the ethereal Everyanything, to the soul infused pure rock of Reese and Danni Gee, to the hard driving, emotionally devastating, proto punk of Tamar Kali.

There is music here for almost every taste.

I think New York is in the middle of a magical music moment. A small, interconnected family of musicians drives it. They all play for each other and collaborate constantly.

It will in time fade - all things change, and eventually, something else, new and great will come along.

I think that many of these musicians who are on the scene now will go on to influence the next wave of popular music. They already play behind and write for many of the "big" industry names.

I'd like this work to be a part of the document of these times, in the way that jazz was documented in the 50's and 60's.

So take a look around, and if you see one of these names in your local paper, check them out. You won't be disappointed.


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Cover Shots
    Images from the home page of this site

Live Soul & Undergound Music (NYC)
    My Favorites (a sampler)

  Off Stage
    Just about everybody
  On Stage
    Abby Dobson
    Aisha Mike
    Alia Marie
    Allyson Williams
    Angela Johnson
    Audio Dyslexia
    Billy Populous
    Bitchslapp (Felicia Collins)
    Brother Jacques
    Carla Gomez
    Chinua Hawk
    Cody ChesnuTT
    Corey Glover
    Danni Gee
    Danny Osario
    David Garza
    Denise De La Cruz
    Dexter Taylor
    Digg Deep
    Diva Blue
    Eddie Sanabria
    Ely Guerra
    Fertile Ground
    Game Rebellion
    Gil Scott-Heron
    Graph Nobel
    Grupo Fiesta
    Howard Mobley
    Imani Izuri
    Jazmine Sullivan
    Jeni Fujita
    Jeremy James
    Jessica Care Moore
    Jolie Fuego
    John Margolis
    John Stephens (aka John Legend)
    Joy Rider
    Julie Dexter
    June April
    Kendra Ross
    Kim Loren
    LaSonya Gunther
    Latasha Natasha Diggs
    Lava Baby
    Lisa Gentile
    Lisa McQuade
    Live Honey
    Lonnie Plaxico
    Lorijo Manley
    Malene Younglao
    Martha Redbone
    Maya Azucena
    Maya (Mother Goddess)
    Mazz Mlani
    Melky Sedeck
    Melvin Gibbs
    Me'shell Ndegéocello
    Michael McGlone
    Monique Ortiz
    Mothers Favorite Child
    Myim Rose
    N'dea Davenport
    One and Twenty
    Otis Funkmeyer
    Queen Aaminah
    Queen Godis
    Rahsaan Salandy
    Rhian Ayanna
    Rhythm Republik
    Sandra St. Victor
    Santi White
    Sharif Simmons
    Shawn Banks
    Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe
    Shrine for the Black Madonna
    Sophia Ramos
    Soul Symphony
    Swiss Chris
    Tamar Kali
    Tara Lynne
    Thom Loubet
    Toni Blackman
    Toshi Reagon
    Unidentified Artists
    Ursula Rucker

Galleries  (not music)
    My Favorites From the Galleries (a sampler)
    African Arts Festival 2001
    Coney Island:
        Mermaid Parade 2001
        Mermaid Parade 2002
    Cuba 1993
    Morocco 2001
    Streets & Alleyways
Protest, Opposition & Dissent
    125th Street Protest 1994
    Anti-Republican Protests 2004
    Los Angeles Riots 1992
    David House, barber
    Keith Antar Mason, playwright