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I sincerely apologize to all the artists involved.

June 6, 2003

I updated the e-mail address and web site address for Shelley Nicole and her blaKbüshe


April 23, 2003

Thank you Danni Gee, who pointed out a bad link for Soul Symphony. It has been corrected


March 24, 2003

At their request, I have removed most of the images from the Mother's Favorite Child section.

Thanks to Danni Gee, Joy Rider has been correctly identified.

I've also correctly identified Alex Craven, bass player for Myim Rose and Dawoud Talib al-Din Kringle, sitar player with Shelley Nicole. Sorry for the mistakes.


February 24, 2003

N'Dea Davenport has a new website and e-mail address and I've added links to it. Congratulations N'Dea!

I also took a look at the images in N'Dea Davenport's section, and decided to do a better job of preparing them for the web. Same images, just looking a bit better.


February 23, 2003

Thom Loubet has a new website and I've added links to it on his page. Congratulations Thom!


February 19, 2003

Craig Waters, the drummer for Cody Chesnutt has been correctly identified.

I corrected the spelling of John Margolis' name and added a link to his website. I apologize John.


February 9, 2003

E-mail addresses have been added for Alexis and Somi.

Felicia Collins, leader of Bitchslapp pointed out that Bictchslapp is one word not two (as I previosusly had it). Thanks Felicia, the correction has been made!

Thanks to Eli Katz, I've identified the bassist with Allyson Williams as Reggie Washington.


February 2, 2003

I corrected the dates and locations of the new Santi White photos. I was there, my brain was not. Thanks Santi.


January 15, 2003

Corrected the dates on the LA Riot photos.


December 21, 2002

Thanks to a helpful viewer, I've been able to identify Melvin Gibbs, a bass player with Harriet Tubman. I've added a section for him. Thanks Naggie. I apologize Melvin.


November 29, 2002

I previously misidentified Tim Ellis, who sings with Denise De La Cruz. Sorry about that Tim.


November 29, 2002

I have removed photos from the Jolie Fuego section that Alice did not like. I apologize Alice.


November 11, 2002

Ok, I am officially an idiot. After atending no less than 4 Cody Chesnutt shows, I continued to completely mispell his name. I have corrected it, and I apologize to Cody and to all of you.


November 7, 2002

I recently received an e-mail inquiring about contacting artists on this site for whom no e-mail address or url is listed. I took a look at my database and saw that there were many e-mail adddresses and url's that I had not listed with the artists on this site. So I've update a number of pages with revised contact information. Thank you Grace Curry for keeping me honest.


November 5, 2002

Corrected the name of the studios at which the Digg Deep recording photos were taken. The studio is EngineRoom Audio and is in Chinatown, NYC.


November 1, 2002

I have taken down several images that Lisa Gentile did not like. I apologize to Lisa, and I thank her for being so understanding.


October 25, 2002

I have properly identified Jerome Jordan and Quinnell Brown, members of Jungli who were previously unidentified. Thanks Tasneem for the info.


October 23, 2002

I have properly identified David "Wildstar" Council, John Willis, Mark Bass and Eric Wilson, members of Rhythm Republik who were previously unidentified. Thanks Tanya and Kregg for the info.


October 23, 2002

I updated the e-mail link for Finotee and identified Kia in two Off Stage photos where she was previously unidentified.


October 21, 2002

I reorganized the Jolie Fuego section so that it will be clearer to the viewers Alice Smith and Maxima Juson are Jolie Fuego. The photos of Kirk Douglas have been moved to the end of the series. Thanks Max!


October 19, 2002

Moved two photos from Jolie Fuego's section to the Off Stage section so that it will be clearer to the viewers that Liza Jesse Peterson is a fan, not a part of Jolie Fuego. Alice Smith and Maxima Juson are Jolie Fuego. Thanks Max!

Added Tara Lynne's e-mail address to her pages. Thanks Tara!


October 16, 2002

Corrected the spelling of Rhythm Republik's name. Thanks Kregg!!


October 15, 2002

Blaire, Aisha Mike's friend was previously unidentified. Thanks Blaire!!


October 2, 2002

Matt, Santi White's guitar player was previously misidentified.


September 18, 2002

Corrected Jessica Care Moore's web site address on her pages.


September 13, 2002

Added Morley's web address to her pages.


September 12, 2002

Live Honey was previously unidentifed. Thanks to Danni Gee, they have now their own section!


August 27, 2002

Si*Sé's correct web address and e-mail address address now appear on their pages.


August 8, 2002

Antwan Thompson was previously unidentified.

Christian Urich was previously misidentified.

A link to Angela Johnnson's section was added to the Look page.


August 6, 2002

Removed Claudia's photos from the site at her request. My sincerest apologies to you, Claudia.

Corrected the spelling of Sedeck Jean's name.


July 26, 2002

Fixed the link to Martha Redbone's images. Sorry for the broken link Martha - I'm often a klutz.


July 19, 2002

Corrected several mispelled location names.

Removed a photo that Danni Gee did not like. My apologies, Danni.


July 15, 2002

Added a link to Maximina Juson's website.


July 9, 2002

Armando Acevedo was previously unidentified.


June 11, 2002

Corrected the spelling of Thom Loubet's name.


June 7, 2002

Nillie, a vendor in a Streets & Alleyways portrait was previoulsy unidentified.

Elie, Maritri's drummer was previously misidentified.

The previously unidentified members of Maritri's band, Daryl Hall (bass) and Bill Toles (bass) have been identified.


June 4, 2002

Links to Na2's website have been added to his pages.

Queen Godis was previously unidentified.

Eddie Sanabria was previously identified as a member of Mother's Favorite Child. Though he was member at the time these photos were taken, he is no longer in Mother's Favorite Child. His photos have been removed to their own Eddie Sanabria section.


May 30, 2002

Kendra Ross was previously identified only as Kendra, and a link to her website has been added.

Dawoud, a sitar player, was previously misidentified in Shelley Nicole's section.


May 20, 2002

Howard Mobley was previously misidentified.

Rahsaan Salandy was previously unidentified.

June April was previously misidentified as Ledisi, and Ledisi's photo's were not up.

Maya Azucena was previously unidentified.