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About A Young Dancer

My first book, A Young Dancer: The Life of an Ailey Student, hits the stores on March 31st, 2009!

It's the story of Iman Bright, a gifted young girl who studies at the Ailey School. The project took about 3 years to produce, including a year of photographing the then 13 year old Iman.

Valerie Gladstone is an accomplished writer and was my partner and friend in this journey. It was her idea, and she produced the project and conducted & edited all the interviews. I was the guy with the camera. Together I think we turned a pretty nifty book.

Shooting the book was challenging, but in all the good ways: technically, aesthetically and narratively. These are the challenges every artist hopes for every day - they push you to think and grow. I certainly did.

Everything else was a breeze. Iman was poised and focused throughout, The Ailey School was a joy to work with and my partner, Valerie, was just incredible.

Our publisher, Henry Holt, was supportive, positive, and patient at every step. They took our images and words made something beautiful.

A Young Dancer: The Life of an Ailey Student is available on Amazon right now for pre-order.